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Kairos South Africa Dec 2012When Kairos was run for Brackendowns Baptist Church in Alberton, South Africa, the facilitators thought the participants would be 'hard ground' to break,  But as the weeks went on, they saw the 'lights going on' in the eyes of the participants.

Many questions were being asked regarding outreach and the power point presentation, indicating that positive things were happening within the minds of those asking the questions. The growth point groups in the first few weeks started out at first with the facilitators having to drive the discussion, but towards the end of the course, the participants were driving the conversation.

By the end of the course, the  participants testified that their world views had changed and they were challenged to be involved in the Great Commission (GC) in a greater way.  An outreach to Russia was planned and some of the participants had gone on the trip. The missions committee of Brackendowns Baptist are now very keen to have facilitators trained and to have another Kairos course where more members of the congregation can participate in the course. Paskolos bebarbiams 2018, automobiliui, skolinu pinigus su vekseliu iš žmonių, vartojimo paskola, paskolų refinansavimas iki 1500 be užstato, greitas kreditas, skubi paskola įsiskolinusiems, geriausi kreditai internetu


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