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Kairos Namibia Apr 2013The first Kairos course in Namibia was held in Windhoek, with 14 amazingly open and responsive participants. A great and wonderful opportunity now lies ahead to impact a major denomination within Namibia. A seed has been planted and already started sprouting during the course. People have already stood up to be included as facilitators, and are planning to run more courses in Namibia. The ground was thoroughly prepared by the Lord.

Meanwhile, Kairos seeds has been planted on Gambian soil with the completion of the first course from 20th to 24th May 2013.  The course was facilitated by an international team consisting of Ebenezer Aryee  (Kairos UK), Alan Webster (Kairos South Africa),  Daniel Appiah and Robbinson Albert (Kairos Ghana).

Kairos Gambia May 2013 resized furtherGambia is a predominantly Muslim populated country with about 94% of the population considered to be Islamic. Astonishingly, 54 participants from different West African countries such as Liberia, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry registered for the course with 45 completing successfully.  It is amazing to note that 17 of the course graduates are Moslem background believers with 12 of them being part of the Fulani (Fula) church in  Gambia.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was felt strongly throughout the course with testimonies of healing, worldviews transformed and participants mobilized to reach the 17 least reached people groups in Gambia and the region beyond. One of the pastors prophetically declared that the Gambian church will be mobilized to reach the North of Africa!

Another significant thing happened during Contextualized worship. One of the pastors, Ps M (not his real name), a regal and gentle man, stood up and told the facilitators during the orientation that his heart was so glad because his congregation, comprising of the Fula people (a tribe considered almost unreachable because of their strong Moslem roots) had been worshiping according to the Fula cultural way, quite unlike the more Western style that is followed. They sit on mats on the floor and pray with their hands raised to chest level, etc.   Because of this they have been shunned by the other Christians because they are perceived to be clinging to their "muslim ways" and are therefore not fully Christian.  After the session, he felt affirmed that he was being led by the Spirit!   A degree of repentance followed the worship session and the Fulas were greatly honoured this time. One of our editors asked us to share a link to his website in this article: Video Porno : VIDEOS PORNO MAS VISTOS - PORNO ELENA COM.

Nine of the graduates have been trained as facilitators with a follow up course later in the year.

Kairos is planted and an indigenous mission movement is about to germinate.


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