Kairos Norway Dec 2012Twenty-six participants and 6 facilitators, from 17 nations, using Readers in 8 different languages, embarked on a Kairos journey together last December 2012. 

Readers used included Albanian, English, German, Nepalese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian.  This did create a potential chaos for the facilitators, especially in relation to the worksheets, but it was exciting to be able to present the Kairos material in the heart language of the students.  The groups primarily spoke in Norwegian and English, though other languages could often be heard.  Cultural and linguistic diversity were not just talked about but were also put into practice. 

This Kairos Course was a part of the YWAM Discipleship Training School at Grimerud (between Oslo and Lillehammer).   This was the second time that the new Norwegian version of the Kairos Reader was used.    Work will now continue to translate the rest of the materials to Norwegian.



Ghana Nov 2012 resizedThree Kairos courses were held in Accra, Tamale and Kumasi last November 2012 which offered  opportunities for 10 facilitators who had previously been trained in Ghana to be involved.  The courses offered to help the facilitators gain more experience and be mentored by experienced HFs.  The team was also assisted by Mavis Boakye, Yiadom and Ernestina Amponsem, Ghanaian international students who did Kairos in China with “cross pollination” from South Africa in the person of a passionate Head Facilitator, Brian Marrian.

Sixty-three participants from 16 different churches and organizations took part in the courses, including 4 Americans, 1 Congolese and 1 Ivorian giving it an international flavour mirroring the facilitating team. The graduates also included key and influential people from the Ghana Evangelical Mission Association (GEMA) and Pioneer Africa who are now partnering with Kairos in Ghana to see the growth of an indigenous mission movement.

Another highlight of Kairos in Ghana is the embracing of the course by major denominations including the Assemblies of God and Global Evangelical Church who have taken ownership and provided resources. Both churches have international congregations made up of French speaking international students from West Africa, providing an excellent pathway into Francophone West Africa.

Further courses are planned for February and July 2013 to complete phase three of the exit strategy for Ghana.


Zimbabwe resized Nov 12Once known as the ‘breadbasket of Africa’, the resource-rich country of Zimbabwe has known more than its share of hardships over the past few decades. Colonialism was followed by a genocide that resulted in the murder of more than half a million people. Today, under a dictatorial leadership that has ravaged the country’s economy, ordinary Zimbabweans struggle to make a living. Despite many challenges, Kairos has taken root in Zimbabwe.
A number of Kairos courses were conducted beginning in 2010 until a Kairos Zimbabwean facilitation team was formed.  Today, a fledgling National Coordination Team, led by the Chiotas, exists.  They comprise of an exceptionally committed team of around 15 passionate facilitators. 
Once a month, the team members fast for a day for Kairos and then break it during their regular meeting together.  During their time together, the team members pray, review chapter introductions, watch tutorial videos, read chapters and discuss what they’ve learnt together. Their course planning times see them discussing individual roles and responsibilities in detail, from who’ll be cooking for the team and participants to who’ll be taking care of administration, providing prayer support, and so on.
The team’s commitment to funding the way for Kairos to spread throughout the nation is particularly commendable. Twice a year, each team member pays a $10 subscription fee, over and above the $1 monthly fee that is used for administrative and other expenses. 
When the team is getting ready to run Kairos in another location, as it did in Vic Falls in April, the members spend months saving for their $30 transport fee. Those who are unable to make the trip donate money to assist those who are going, along with gifts of oil, maize, sugar, rice, vegetables, tea and milk to sustain them while they’re away. 
The team has a vision of reaching further afield in 2013, targeting towns such as Binga and Hwange, followed by more rural areas. Please pray with them as they work to enable Kairos to expand in this country, in a bid to awaken the Zimbabwean church to fulfill its missions call.


Kairos Cyprus resized Oct 2012The first ever Kairos course was conducted in Cyprus last October by Zephaniah Yu, a Chinese HF from Australia.
Zephaniah grabbed the opportunity to conduct the course when he was assigned to be in Cyprus for a month by Gospel Operation International, his mission organization.
Eight people joined this course, all originally from Mainland China.
Meanwhile, a twin launching was held in Romania after the completion of the Romanian 4th edition translation last August.  One was held in Galati, with 12 students representing four churches.  At the same time, another course was being run in Marisel, Cluj, with 50 participants.   This was organized by APME, in partnership with Wycliffe Romania.  
Kairos USA also reports the successful launching of the Kairos course at Lakehills Covenant Church in El Dorado Hills, California.   The course was made up of the core mission leaders of the church, strategically laying a foundation for future growth.  Bambi Cataluna from Living Springs International, who happened to be in the US just as the course was coming to a close, was able to lead the integration session and reported a powerful moving of the Lord among the participants.   They then held their graduation before the congregation to testify as to how the course impacted the participants in their journey as well as advertise the course to potential future participants.


Kairos Norway Nov 2012The Arctic is a polar region located at the northern-most part of the earth.  This was the site of the recent Kairos course conducted in Norway.  The course was held in Northern Norway at the Borgen YWAM base, which is also the northern-most YWAM base in the world.
Milestones were established with the holding of this course:  first, this was the first course using the newly translated Norwegian Reader and second, this was also the first time a course was run in Norway without outside assistance. 
The participants were four Norwegians, a Korean, a Filipino and a Scot.  All of them gave good feedback about the way the Kairos journey had impacted them.  Two of the participants came from a large Pentecostal church in Oslo, and are now keen to see Kairos used within their networks.
As work continues on translating more of the course materials into Norwegian, some of the participants from this course will prepare to help facilitate the next course in December, this time with about 30 participants.


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