Kairos Russia Oct 2012Marinda Coetzee, the National Coordinator for Russia, writes with great enthusiasm:
“It was a great joy to have finished the first draft of the Russian Kairos fourth edition translation after having worked on it for more than a year!  We spent about two weeks working night and day to finalize the first draft in time for the first fourth edition course. Our Russian team in Samara came to our home every day, where we set up different stations, working on different chapters and power points at the same time. It was hard work but such a celebration when we got it done!”
The first Kairos using this recent edition was held in Samara last October.  In the next few months, final editing for the Russian translation will be done. Dates have also been set over the next 5 months for about 10 courses to be presented by the Russian team in different cities! 
Marinda also reports that some excellent musicians joined this recent course.  The Lord gave them such a passion for the nations and broke their hearts for those who have never heard the Gospel.  They then desired to record a new worship album, focused on missions and God’s heart for the nations. 
They have now started this project and Marinda believes this will make a great impact in the Russian church and will inspire many to get involved in God’s mission.


Kairos Rwanda 2 Sep 2012“Thank you for making us pay for this course”. This was the unusual remark the organizers received from a number of participants who attended the Kairos course in Rwanda.  Paying for a course is new and unprecedented in this country.  The acceptable norm is either for a course to be fully subsidized or participants were to be paid a sitting allowance just to attend a seminar.
Twenty-one joined the course, sixteen of them Pastors and church leaders representing different denominations and organizations. This was the first Kairos in Rwanda where pastors joined in and it was positively received!  A number of Pastors testified that even though they had attended many conferences, Kairos was so different and very impacting. During the presentation of the devotion “Financing the Great Commission”, the facilitator addressed the need to break the dependency mentality that is prevalent in Rwanda if the Church is to become missional.  
Part of the way forward is to pray and trust God for regular Kairos Courses for church leaders in Rwanda.  Participants expressed the need to translate Kairos to Kinyarwanda, its most spoken and understood language.
Soon after the course, 16 participants joined the training to become facilitators of Kairos.


Kairos SA June 2012Kairos was presented to twenty-two delegates from Family Worship Church, Boksburg, South Africa from April to June this year. 
The course was met with much excitement and enthusiasm.  Many of the delegates embraced the course and believed that it was the Kairos moment for their church.
A particular highlight was the contextualized worship.  Many of the delegates had a change of heart as many of them didn’t want to have anything to do with an unreached people group in their country.  They confessed that they saw these people as a threat to the community, taking over their shops and some areas.  They then shared how through the contextualized worship, they were given such a heart to reach them.
Here are some testimonies from the graduates:
Ps Dilip: “Kairos will mess up your neatly thought out theology!! Then it will reconstruct the "heartbeat" of God in you. Your ministry can NEVER be the same again! My prayer life, my bible reading, my sermons and my daily ministry has forever changed.” 
Alan Webster: “Kairos brings the idea and motivation of missions to the average believer; it challenges the church to become mission orientated and gives an appreciation for those who are on the frontlines.”


Kairos Ethiopia Sep 2012 resizedA Kairos course was, once again, recently conducted in Ethiopia.  This is already the third Kairos conducted in this country since it started in April this year. 
Twenty-five people graduated from this course. They were privileged to have Jo and Jenny Graham come and inspire the graduates on their last day. 
Sam Ngugi, the New Nations Coordinator for Ethiopia, breathlessly reports: 
“We held an NNC meeting to reflect on the New Nations Entry and Exit plan and the Amharic Translation of Kairos among other issues. The team agreed to organize two courses in November in order to provide more opportunity for mentoring and coaching of the HFs and Fs. In the beginning of next year we’ll have two more courses after which we’ll inaugurate the NCT, and commission accredited HFs and Fs officially.  Concerning translation, the NNC team will hold a consultation with one of the Ethiopia translating agencies/organizations. They will be meeting every two weeks, to read and review what the Translation Coordinator has done so far. A team of competent translators has been identified, but they were unable to attend the July course. They will be in the November course, after which they will do fine tuning of the Reader. Once the Reader is finalized with, translation of devotions and others will follow."


Kairos UK Sep 12Kairos began in UK in 2001, one of the very first country to adopt Kairos outside the Philippines. Four editions later, Kairos is still going strong in UK.  Nine 4th edition were conducted in UK from the beginning of this year, graduating 127 students.  A total of 5 training events were also held this year, where 15 facilitators and 24 head facilitators were trained.
One of the courses was conducted in Tarbert Church of Scotland early this year.  Grace Penney, the HF for this course, excitedly reports:
“We had ten participants ranging in age from forties to seventies.  There were three male and seven female.  Technical arrangements worked without a hitch.  Action points included commitments to attending the women's prayer group, using the prayer cards for LRPs, reprioritizing to get rid of unimportant things in life, changes in financial giving, praying with each other as a group for encouragement, introducing a world Christian view to Youth Group, Men's Bible Study, Praise Night, share the vision with family, bring mission into every area of my life, be part of any mission initiative, welcome a local other culture family for a meal, read seriously and thoughtfully the mission letters and magazines I receive, become a facilitator.  Comments included: "A brilliant course which clarifies, illuminates and informs just what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the 21st century", "Excellent resource to be used as a discipleship course for believers new in the faith, and for all believers!, "Life changing.  A revelation and insight into God's desire for His people and His expectations of His followers", "Invaluable, a must for every Christian", "A God breathed view of His world".


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