Youth Kairos India Jun 12A sense of excitement enveloped the thirty-two participants to the 1st Kairos 4th Edition course at the Shalom Bible Seminary in Nagaland, India.
The 4th Edition lived up to their expectations.  The Spirit of God moved among them in a special way and they went away with a changed attitude and a global challenge in mission.  A number of them committed to “going” and one even wanted to translate the Reader into his native “Boro” language.
Meanwhile, thirty-nine students completed the 1st pilot Youth Kairos in Shillong. It was reported that the young people had fun as they went through a perspective  change.  Almost all of them expressed a desire to help facilitate the course in their own respective churches.


Kairos Bangladesh Sep 2012
Participants from six different ethnic groups in Bangladesh were impacted when they joined the 1st 4th edition course conducted by Vision Momentum in this country.  Mostly young people, many of them admitted this was their first missions education.
Even though many of the concepts were new to them, the students embraced the missional message of the course.  They caught God’s heart for the nations and eagerly laid down their different cultural misunderstandings.
The students went to Nepal after their studies as part of their cross-cultural training and exposure.


Youth Kairos Launch May 2012 resizedIt was like seeing the hustle and bustle of the 2011 4th edition preparation days, albeit with young faces and boundless energies.  After almost two months of planning, dreaming and scrimping on time spent on Facebook instead, the 4th Edition Youth Kairos was launched for the first time from May 29-31 at the LSI International Center, Butuan City, Philippines.
Bambi and her team preferred a small group to trial the materials. The Youth Kairos material, covered over 3 days, was generally well received by 12 of their students, ages ranging from 16-21.
Bambi then brought the material to India in the month of June where it was also very well received.  About 50 young people attended the course.  
More trial Youth Kairos courses will be conducted in India, Indonesia and the Philippines this year before it can be made available to the greater Kairos family.  



Kairos Thailand Lisu Course 2012The Lisu are a people group living in Burma, China, Thailand, and India. They have a thriving Christian population and are known to be active in the work of spreading the Gospel.  With over 1 million Lisu spread throughout South Asia, this people group represents a strategic missionary force within reach of nearly 500 million people and over 1000 unreached people groups.

Realizing their huge potential, some key leaders from Team Expansion laid out the goal of seeing a Lisu translation of Kairos. The necessary funds were received and in May 2012, the first step was taken in making this a reality.  A team of facilitators traveled to Thailand to hold a course for Lisu believers and get the project going.

The Thailand Kairos Course and Lisu Translation Project was embraced with enthusiasm by the 17 people who attended sessions in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 10 of the attendees were Lisu evangelists and church leaders. They have committed to serve as a translation oversight committee with David Fish serving as lead translator. There is still much to do and it will take several months, but the ball is rolling to complete a Lisu Translation of Kairos.

Here are some of the incredible responses among the participants:

After only two days of the course, a 57 year old LIsu evangelist, translator and author wrote: “I have identified an unreached people group in China. I commit to reaching them with the Gospel.”

Another young Lisu church leader and youth worker said:  “I make a commitment to change our traditional Lisu church into big world Lisu Christians.”


Kairos Ghana 2 May 2012 resizedKairos has been birthed in Ghana with the completion of the first two intensive courses in Accra in the south and Tamale in the north.  The launching team included Ebenezer Aryee (New Nations Coordinator for Ghana and Kairos UK), Steve Besford (Kairos UK), Jan Weir (Kairos UK), Michael Ibemesi (Kairos UK) and Seth Klu (Kairos Brazil).
The Ghanaian indigenous church has come of age and it is Kairos time to mobilize for cross cultural mission to the least reached people groups both at home and the regions beyond.
In all, 90 participants attended the course at the two locations with 24 facilitators trained.  There are also a number of potential Head Facilitators in both courses.
This is what a district pastor of one of the denominations has to say:  “Thank you so much for bringing Kairos to our doorstep. To confess, I have been to lots of evangelism trainings but Kairos is the best. Please, can you do me a favor?  Kindly organize one for my church in Teshie, Accra.”
Jan Weir, Kairos GH Team member and in charge of training, remarked:  “Really exciting to have representatives of Least Reached Peoples in my growth point groups and to see how God is moving in these groups with firsthand experience. Also the excitement of working on a cross cultural team, the strength of passionate, mission minded men and women in Ghana has been a real inspiration.”


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