The Head Facilitator (HF) Training kicked off in the United States in the first quarter of this year. Linda Harding, from the Kairos International Leadership Team, travelled throughout the U.S. to conduct the training. The new two-day training module is geared specifically for up and coming Kairos HFs, but it is also an opportunity for HFs trained up under the previous Kairos 3rd Edition to get valuable training and be on the same page as everyone in Kairos moves forward with the 4th Edition. 
Team Expansion welcomed her to the Emerald Hills campus in Louisville, Kentucky with a group of 30 participants, all at different points of being or becoming a Kairos Head Facilitator, eager to receive the training. 
NCT blurEmerald Hills in Kentucky also hosted an inaugural meeting for the United States National Coordination Team (NCT). Kairos has seen substantial growth in the U.S. in the last couple of years and it was time for the formation of an NCT.  The NCT oversees the promotion and vitality of the growing Kairos movement. 
Several key people from Team Expansion were joined by other coordinators from Kairos hubs in the U.S. including Oregon, Florida, and Hawaii. Representatives from Mexico and the Caribbean also came.  The team consists of Eric Barry (National Coordinator) together with Joshua Rodenbaugh, Allan Witkowski, Tim Stapleton from Team Expansion, as well as Randy Mishler from Portland and Alex Gomez from Mexico (representing the Kairos Spanish language translation), Pat Mamaclay from Hawaii, Maria Lilian de Jesus and Rosalina Butao from Miami, and Clifton and Pearl Charles from the Caribbean. A solid groundwork has been laid and they are moving forward with a stronger network and clearer focus than ever before. 



Kairos Europe Upskilling Mar 2012 resizedThe Kairos Europe team enjoyed the kind hospitality of the Globe Europe leaders recently in Hamminkeln, Germany. A Head Facilitator Training Course was held first followed by a Kairos 4th Edition Course Upskilling and then a Kairos Europe meeting. Those who attended were Linda Harding of the Kairos International Leadership Team: Trevor and Kay Weavers, (Europe/Netherlands), Stefan Ross, Dieter Drexler, Adnan Yaqub (Germany), Duncan and Jan Weir (UK), Adi Bratosin (Romania), Willem Nel (Belgium), and Benoit L'Hotellier (France).

Kay Weavers is now acting as the main link person for Kairos in Europe, supported by Trevor, Stefan and Helga Ross, Duncan and Jan Weir, as the Kairos Europe team.  They are available to serve Kairos growth and expansion into countries beyond their own. They will draw in many others who are part of the National Coordination Teams in Europe.

Linda reports of the amazing prayer times they had on the challenges and opportunities facing the team: the many Least Reached Peoples who are living in Europe, the vibrant Christian communities in Eastern Europe and the post-Christian generation in Western Europe. The Kairos Europe team is committed to the call to be prophetic mobilizers amidst these challenges and opportunities! 


Kairos Nigeria Feb 2012Finally, a Kairos course in Nigeria!

The first full Kairos course was conducted in Port Harcourt. An international team consisting of Linda Harding (Kairos International and UK), Chris Brittain (Australia and Kenya), Josephat Wangila (Kairos Kenya) and Ebenezer Aryee (Kairos UK and New Nation Coordinator for Ghana) worked together in conducting the course.

A total of 67 participants graduated from the course. Many saw this as a strategic moment for mission mobilization not just in Nigeria but across West Africa. Hear from some of these graduates:

"Anyone who wants to pursue God's passion must take this course It is a life-changing journey and transformation process – a must for every Christian."

"I came here with myopic vision and old-fashioned mindset of Bible, mission and a very small understanding of Gods purpose and plan. Kairos has transformed enlarged, broadened and corrected my horizon."

Following the course, 14 graduates were selected on recommendation of growth point group leaders and invited to participate in Parts 1 and 2 of the Facilitator Training Process and plans are already in place for 3 strategic intensive courses this year, hopefully, with all these newly-trained facilitators on teams. One graduate says: "Kairos has come to Nigeria to stay!"

Chris Brittain will coordinate a New Nations Coordination Team to serve the growth and establishment of Kairos in Nigeria.


Kairos PNG Graduation Feb 2012 resizedOver the last two years, Peter McDougall and Wayne Freeman, from the New Zealand National Coordination Team, have been prayerfully interested in having the Kairos Course introduced in the Pacific region.  Just recently and quite unexpectedly, they received an invitation via Global Desk to conduct a Kairos course at Impact Bible College, Bulolo, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG). And so, Peter and Wayne found themselves in PNG.
A Kairos Intensive course was then held last February with 22 participants in attendance which included pastors, youth pastors and church workers.  Among those who attended was the senior pastor of ALC Bulolo who is also Chairman of the ALC Church denomination in PNG, comprising of 330 churches with a 30,000-strong membership.   The course was conducted in both English and the Tok Pidgin language. 
The course was followed by a Facilitator’s training which gave the participants further opportunity to engage with the material and to introduce them to Kairos’ vision, distinctive and values.



Kairos Malawi Feb 2012History was made when a Kairos Course was held in Lilongwe, Malawi from the 16th to 20th January 2012. Courses have been held in Blantyre, Malawi before but this was the first in Lilongwe.  

To others, it may also seem like the month of January is not the best time to hold a Kairos Course but not so to National Coordinator for Malawi, Rodney Y. B. Munkhondya. He believes that obstacles should not hinder us from obeying the Great Commission. He says that “it must be obeyed in all situations.”

Fourteen participants finished the course. Rodney observed that they were so thirsty for the truth. Nearly all of the participants indicated their desire to be part of the Kairos family and help facilitate the course in the future.

“We are expecting to have a great team here in Malawi. Above all, we believe it’s time to be more of a mission sending country since for too long we have been  more on the receiving end where mission is concerned,” says Rodney.


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