HFTC PhilippinesThirty-five participants joined the Head Facilitators’ Training held at Living Springs International (LSI), Butuan City, Philippines, last January 12-13. This is the first HF Training conducted by LSI for 2012; the fourth one in the country since it was first developed and conducted in 2010.
The main purpose of the HF Training is to train potential Head Facilitators to run the Kairos course as well as equip them to train facilitators. Ian and Bambi, LSI teaching staff, facilitated the training. They also reminded the participants that HFs should not just focus on conducting courses but in growing a mission movement. 
A number of the participants have expressed the need to have HF Training in their home cities. Ian and Bambi assured them that they are willing to do so. They also said that a training team will be formed to address this need. 


South Africa Transition Training
"What’s awesome for me about the new course is that it points to the Cross. Much of the teaching today is so strategized that I worry we forget that everything must happen by the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe the course now allows far more opportunity for both facilitators and participants to hear from God and be led by Him..." says Ana Koster of the Kairos 4th Edition. 
Members of the Kairos South Africa National Coordination Team conducted a two-day Kairos 4th Edition Transition Training in Randburg, Johannesburg recently. A total of 29 participants joined the training.  
The Kairos 4th Edition Course was received with great excitement by the participants. Many of them expressed gratitude to Living Springs International and the Kairos 4th Edition Team for producing the course.  They were also eager to facilitate the course as soon as possible. 
The host for the training was Petra Ministries Family Church. Rod Talbot, Christo Walters and Keith Koster served as facilitators with Louisa Mostert doing the administration work. 



Under the leadership of Ken, the National Coordinator for Kairos Singapore, more than six Kairos courses have been conducted in different churches, including a Facilitators Training Course this year.  A new team of young leaders has also has been raised.

image001Bethesda Pasir Ris Mission Church -   Has completed their Kairos course with 28 participants.  This course was conducted for the Filipino congregation and was led by Head Facilitator, David Enns.   Response from the participants was very positive.  Working with the Filipino congregation not only gave them the opportunity to practice cross-cultural sensitivity, but also to foster understanding between the two cultures. 

Queenstown Lutheran Church - In early March this year, a total of 27 participants have completed the Kairos Course held in Queenstown Lutheran Church Of Our Redeemer (QLC).   Lanny, the Head Facilitator of QLC for 2 consecutive years, also conducted successful Facilitators trainings, raising her own team of English Kairos facilitators.  Lanny is also now forming a team of Lutheran Mandarin Kairos Facilitators.

Pentecost Methodist Church - has also completed their Kairos course in April this year.  A feedback from one of the participants, Dawn, “Besides lectures, videos & sharing, there were also games and role play to help deepen our understanding. What really stood out for me was the challenge to be a world Christian.  Even before the course ended, I had determined that I did not want to miss out on being  part of the worldwide effort to reach all nations for Christ.”

To these participants from Pentecost Methodist Church, Kairos is not just another mission course, but one designed to help them find their role and integrate missions into their lives.

Bartley Christian Church - has its fourth run of the Kairos course this year.  There were a total of 24 participants - among them were 4  local workers, 1 church staff and 5 Young Adults.  The rest are marketplace professionals.

The church was especially encouraged by the participants.  Most have shown perfect attendance and have expressed interest to continue in the Kairos journey.

image014Korean Church - 21 participants have also graduated from the Kairos course conducted in the Korean Church this year.  These graduates realized that ordinary church members can also play key roles as mobilizer, intercessor, and sender, among others.  The Korean Church in Singapore definitely sees Kairos as a critical core course to aid their church in its long-term mission mobilization.

Facilitator Training Course - Last but not the least, a 2-day Facilitator-Training Course was conducted in August.  Twenty six participants attended, all of which did well in their practicum.  The Kairos National Team came together and helped out in this training.  With a growing number of trained facilitators, they desire to see Kairos courses being conducted in more churches next year.



Transition Training2“We really appreciate the changes that have been made to the Kairos 4th edition course.”
  This was a common feedback given by a number of participants in the Kairos 4th Edition Transition Training at Living Springs International (LSI), Butuan City, Philippines last January 10-11.

The 42 participants of the Training consisted of HFs and trainee HFs coming mostly from Mindanao but with a handful coming from Luzon and Visayas, as well as from outside the country. 

The LSI teaching staff (Ian, Edgar and Bambi) went through the Kairos 4th edition course material with the participants. The participants were also given time to read through the new articles in the Kairos reader, watch the new videos and answer the revised work sheets. They also shared their growth points either in groups or in pairs. Administrative aspects in running the course were also brought to the attention of the participants. 
The training also served well as a venue for the participants and the LSI team to fellowship together.  Another Kairos Transition Training is scheduled this month in Metro Manila, Philippines.



image018From the first Kairos course in Finland in 2008 until this September, 19 Kairos courses have been conducted in 11 cities attended by a total of 224 participants. From these participants, 87 were trained to be facilitators, and 8 as head facilitators.  Two Kairos courses have also been conducted in two different cities in Sweden for Finnish speaking churches; one head facilitator is now coordinating the courses with facilitators.  One said, “We are very thankful for this amazing, eye-opener, course.   God has awaken churches and Christians in Finland in marvelous ways for the task remaining.   We have experienced the truth:  we Finns are blessed to be a blessing!”  

A Kairos National Team is overseeing the growth and expansion of Kairos in Finland.


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