image022Fifteen Head Facilitators from two states within Australia met together in the Sunshine Coast recently for the Kairos Australian Head Facilitators Training. Facilitating the training were Linda and Peter of the Kairos International Team. The gathering was an opportunity for new and old head facilitators to establish and rekindle friendships; their passion and vision for Kairos was also renewed. Everyone left with a sense of expectancy about the upcoming release of the Kairos 4th edition and the potential to use its introduction to re-establish connections with past participants and facilitators as well as promote new growth. With further growth and expansion in mind, two State teams, one for Queensland and one for New South Wales, have been established and a liaison person has also been appointed. Each State team will be responsible to oversee the promotion and successful implementation of courses throughout their State, and maintain the structures to support this.



image015It has been a great blessing and privilege to have presented the Kairos course in this church,” says Marinda and Erika as they report about the recent course they have conducted in Shalom Church in the city of Witbank, South Africa. There were 11 participants in the course. According to Marinda and Erika, it was amazing for them to experience the openness of the participants.  “They have allowed God to speak to their hearts.”  Almost all the participants testified of how God has touched them through the course.  Some have discovered their calling; others have found their role in missions and everyone became passionate again with a heart for the nations.  The pastor also shared to Marinda and Erika some of the ideas God gave her to make “Praying for the Nations” more visual in the church.   She will also be bringing some of her key leaders on a missions outreach.



image026The New Zealand Kairos National Team met for the first time together during August in Auckland.  Although most of them have had involvement for many years with the course, this was the first actual meeting where they gathered as a team.  Eight of them, from a variety of backgrounds, roles and geographical regions, enjoyed two days of talking, working and eating together. 

Peter McDougall is the  NZ National Coordinator as well as the interim Australian Coordinator.  He also has responsibilities in the Kairos International Team (KIT).   Forming the Kairos National Team, therefore means, the load can be shared and Kairos will grow both in personnel, skills and numbers of courses.  The New Zealand missions’ community has strong collaborative ties and there is much potential for growth. 

Linda Harding from UK, who is also part of KIT, took the team through the Facilitators Training and released them to be trainers.  This means that the team will be able to multiply the reach of Kairos in New Zealand and the Pacific.  They were also reminded, during the training, that during a Kairos course, participants had their worldviews realigned, and that it was a great privilege to be part of that. 



image017A Kairos course was recently held in Thessaloniki, Greece. Eleven people took the course; five were Greeks while six were foreigners. Philip and Anna from the United Kingdom conducted the course together with Duncan and Jan, also from the UK. According to them, it was a very fruitful time. The material opened the eyes of the participants to God’s global purpose and plans. This desire of the Greek participants also emerged: to network with the churches across the city with the course. A professional language teacher who took part in the course is also keen to translate the material into Greek.

A Kairos course is scheduled to run in March 2012 with the Metamorphosis School of Missions followed by an outreach. Greece is becoming a very strategic location now for the nations with 3000 immigrants coming into Athens every week.



image030International in Butuan City last July.  Thirty-five participants from different parts of the Philippines joined the five-day pilot course.  The participants were a mixed group:  some were taking the course for the first time while some had already taken the previous editions.  The first timers expressed their appreciation on how the course has helped them see the need to realign their priorities and to also face the reality that they have been blessed by God to be a blessing.  The other participants, on the other hand, noted that it was the best edition of the course they have ever taken!  Overall, the 4th edition Kairos course was well received by all the participants. 

A 4th Edition Pilot course, held in UK by Linda Harding and her team a week earlier the LSI course, was also a great success!


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